How do I register with the Club?

As a new member, you need to first register on the PCC Paddlers’ Zone. See “How do I register on the PCC Paddlers’ Zone”.

If you are an existing member and have registered with the club on or after 2013, you will have already registered on the PCC Paddlers’ Zone. otherwise you will need to register on the PCC Paddlers’ Zone. See “How do I register on the PCC Paddlers’ Zone”.

If you have forgotten your PCC Paddlers’ Zone login code, first try your ID number. If that does not work, then you need to email. I will change it to your ID number and send you an e-mail confirmation.

Once you have successfully logged into the PCC Paddlers’ Zone, click the Membership and Merchandise menu option and then click the Full Registration button.

Thereafter, just follow the online registration instructions. Please consult the Fees menu option above to assist you with the Membership and Fees choices and the prices.

The online registration process includes WCCU registration (if required). Note you do not have to join WCCU unless you intend doing WCCU sanctioned races in the course of the season. (see the WCCU Calendar). If you wish to register for WCCU, you will be required to required to confirm that you have read, understood and agree to the CSA National, Provincial & Club Indemnity / Safety Declaration rules as stated in the WCCU Registration and Indemnity Form. This form is available for download on the Member Options page of the online registration process. Please note WCCU fees must not be paid directly to WCCU.

The last page of the online registration process is the Registration (Summary). This will summarize all the options you have chosen and the related costs with a grand total at the bottom. Click the SUBMIT button and these details will be send to PCC’s registration officer. You will also receive an email confirming your intentions to register with the club and your options chosen.

While the PCC’s Registration officer is waiting for your payment confirmation your club registration status will read: “Registration Received – Not Processed”.

Please deposit your complete payment (including any WCCU portion if applicable) into the PCC bank account.
No CASH payments will be accepted by the Registration Officer.
Please use your name or CSA Boat number as reference.
PCC Account details are as follows:
Bank: Standard Bank
Account Name: Peninsula Canoe Club
Branch: 020009
Account No: 070491615
Please send your payment confirmation by email to

If you delay with your payment, the Registration offer may send you an e-mail confirming that PCC still waiting for your payment. Your club registration status will then read: “Waiting for Proof of Payment”.

Once you have paid your club fees in full, you will received a confirmation e-mail and your club registration status will read: “Successfully Registered – 2016″.