Every year, from March to October, the PCC Canoe Timetrial is held every Tuesday evening at the PCC clubhouse in Marina de Gama. Starting promptly at 6:15pm, it continues to be the most popular weekly canoeing race in the Western Cape averaging over 50 paddlers each race. There is no entry fee and you do not have to be a member of PCC to participate. The race is NEVER cancelled, even when the weather is at it’s most dire! Parking, changing and showering facilities are available to all and everyone is encouraged to join club members in the clubhouse afterwards where drinks and food are available.

Note, while each participant’s name and time is captured and will appear in the daily results, if you wish to have your PB recorded and appear in our category records, you will be required to register on our PCC Paddlers’ Zone so that we can determine your sex and age. Records have been kept since 2010.