UCT Registration & Renewals

Instructions for UCT Membership Registrations and Renewals

It is a condition of membership that all UCT Members read and agree to the


  1. All membership matters are arranged online through a website called the Paddlers’ Zone:  http://www.peninsula-canoe.org.za/Pzone/ .
  2. When you go to this site, the Login page will display.
  3. If you do not have a log-in password, click on the word “here” in the line “Are you not registered yet? Click here.”
  4. Enter ALL the relevant details in the form displayed and click the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the page. Make sure your email address is valid!
  5. Your PCC Paddlers’ Zone temporary log-in password will then be e-mailed to you.
  6. Go back to the Paddlers’ Zone login page and log into the PCC Paddlers’ Zone by entering your temporary log-in password into the Login box and clicking Login.
  7. You should now see the Home page of the PCC Paddlers’ Zone with the phrase “<your first name>, welcome to the PCC Paddlers’ Zone” displayed.
  8. Click on the yellow “Membership and Merchandise” tab;
  9. Then click on the grey “Full Registration” tab;
  10. Read the Terms & Conditions;
  11. Click on the grey “I agree to the Terms & Conditions” tab;
  12. Then click on the “Proceed with Registration” tab below that;
  13. Choose how you may help the club then click “Next”;
  14. Check your details then click “Next”;
  15. Pick “New Member” or “Current Member” for your membership option;
  16. Select “No” in the section on joining WCCU as UCT administers their own WCCU registration, then click “Next”;
  17. Select “UCT Canoe Club Member” for membership type in the Fees section;
  18. UCT arranges a block rental of boat racks, so ignore the section on boat racks unless you are going to rent and pay for your own personal non-UCT boat racks, then indicate how many you wish to rent;
  19. If an Access Tag has been lost and a replacement is needed which you are going to personally pay for yourself, then order an Access Tag, then click “Next”;
  20. If you are paying privately for racks or Tags, pay the total amount as instructed into the PCC bank account, using your name as reference, with proof of payment addressed to reg@peninsula-canoe.org.za . PCC Account details are as follows:

Bank: Standard Bank

Account Name: Peninsula Canoe Club

Branch: 025109 (Claremont)

Account Number: 070491615

  1. The phone number for the ZSC Manager at the Clubhouse is 021 788 4813 and the ZSC Manager’s email address is pcciyc@gmail.com .


To download these  instructions, please click Annual Renewals and Registrations