UCT T’s & C’s

General terms of membership and basis of the agreement between PCC and UCT

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  1. UCT Canoe Club retains full autonomy with regard to CSA and WCCU and administers its own registration with these bodies.
  2. To enable access into and use of the secure parking area and club facilities of the Zandvlei Sports Club premises where PCC is based, UCT Canoe Club members become “UCT Members” of PCC.
  3. Access to PCC/ZSC premises is controlled by the use of Access Tags assigned to individuals.
  4. PCC reserves the right to revoke this agreement and suspend or terminate access, either to individuals or to the entirety of UCT if it transpires that UCT Members are providing access to PCC for people not registered with PCC.
  5. Exceptions will only be made for official UCT functions which have received prior approval from the Peninsula Canoe Club Executive Committee.


Annual Membership Subscriptions

  1. All UCT students requiring access to PCC must fit the governing PCC constitutional criteria for Student Membership (i.e. be a bona fide full-time student up to the age of 24 (twenty-four) and register as UCT Members of PCC.
  2. They are subject to the same rules applying to access and boat racks as applied to all PCC Members and have the same rights and privileges except they are not entitled to use PCC boats and equipment.
  3. In 2013 PCC offered to waive the PCC portion of Student subscriptions for UCT and it is currently only the ZSC portion that is payable.
  4. The ZSC subscriptions cover the costs of gas, electricity and the other day-to-day running expenses of the ZSC facilities.
  5. Any Member whose subscription is not paid by the 31st March each year shall thereafter cease to be a Member of the Club, so the full annual payment from UCT should be received by this date.
  6. Boats occupying unpaid racks after this date may be impounded and would then be subject to a release fee at the going rate or, if unclaimed after 30 days, sold at auction with all proceeds accruing to the Club.


Entrance Registration Fees

  1. Zandvlei Sports Club is the umbrella organization under which PCC falls.
  2. It is a ZSC requirement that every new member pays an Entrance Registration fee (R250 from August 2015).
  3. This has been applied on a transferable basis to UCT so that when new UCT Members join it is not necessary to pay a new Entrance Registration Fee for them if they are replacing a Member who has left i.e. if the number of UCT Members does not exceed the total number of Transferable Entrance Registrations held by UCT. (we understand that most students are only around for few years and then move on).
  4. Because of this flux, the Transferable Entrance Registration fee does not apply to an individual named Member, but to a set number of paddlers.
  5. As and when ZSC registration fees increase, UCT would be liable for a balancing payment of the same percentage increase, applied to the sum of the total Transferable Entrance Registration fees held. i.e. if the Entrance Registration fee increases by R10 and UCT holds 36 registrations, a balancing payment of 36 x R10 = R360 would be due.
  6. This balance would only be due at the beginning of the following year when annual subscriptions are paid.
  7. Should balancing payments not be made for all Transferable Entrance Registrations held by UCT, those not “topped up” will be scrapped and later replacements will be paid for at the full rate of standard ZSC Entrance Registration fee.
  8. The number of Transferable Entrance Registrations must equal the number of UCT Members, so whenever UCT membership grows beyond the total number of Transferable Entrance Registrations held by UCT, new ones will need to be paid for so these numbers tally.


PCC Bursary

  1. PCC offers one Bursary Membership annually to one UCT student who is financially disadvantaged and would struggle to afford to pay the subscription fees to join.
  2. The idea is to assist someone in joining the UCT club who might not otherwise have been able to do so (so the intention is that the awarding of the bursary is means related).
  3. The UCT committee is responsible for selecting, identifying and administering which UCT Member receives this bursary.
  4. PCC covers the full annual membership subscription for that student and pays ZSC for this student to have access for a year.
  5. PCC has already provided an access tag for the Bursary Member.
  6. UCT is only be liable for increases of the Transferable Entrance Registration fee for this student and any replacement Access Tags.
  7. This student will complete the annual online membership renewal in the same way as other UCT Members do on the Paddlers’ Zone.


Access Tags

  1. Every UCT Member must have their own Access Tag – it is proof of membership.
  2. Non-members may not use our facilities or grounds.
  3. Access Tags are available to Members for a refundable fee.
  4. Each Tag is individually assigned and linked to the name of a Member who will be held solely accountable for the use of the Tag.
  5. The Terms and Conditions of Access to the Club must be adhered to or disciplinary action will be taken.
  6. The tags are transferable with the Entrance Registration Fee, so when a UCT Member leaves, they can return the Tag to UCT for reuse.
  7. Then when a new member joins UCT, their name can then be associated to that Tag (when the new member has completed and submitted an online PCC Membership registration on the Paddlers’ Zone).
  8. The Tags and Access control are administered by the ZSC manager who follows the instructions of the PCC Registration Officer.
  9. When membership is paid up and all individuals have renewed their annual membership registration on the Paddlers’ Zone, any Tag and Access related problems are to be addressed to the ZSC manager.
  10. The phone number for the ZSC Manager at the Clubhouse is 021 788 4813 and the ZSC Manager’s email address is pcciyc@gmail.com .


Boat Rack Rental

  1. Boat rack rental is available to Members only.
  2. These are available for an annual rental fee.
  3. All UCT Members must read and comply with the Terms and Conditions of Boat Rack Rental which can be found on the PCC website.
  4. UCT as an institution rents a block section of racks from PCC.
  5. If this is for more than 20 racks, the fee per rack is discounted by 50% of the going rate, up to a maximum number of racks equivalent to the total number of UCT Members registered at PCC.
  6. Individual UCT Members can also rent additional racks at the normal rate directly from PCC by following the procedure on the Paddlers’ Zone.



  1. The Peninsula Canoe Club Committee is made up of unpaid volunteers who generously donate their time to run the administrative affairs of the club.
  2. We therefore have limited time available, and are therefore unable to chase up after members who are lax with their personal administration.
  3. The onus is on the individual members to ensure that the correct procedures are followed for registration on the Paddlers’ Zone.
  4. Should our Registration Officer receive incomplete annual online membership renewals these are not processed until complete.
  5. Access Tags are only issued/reactivated for Members who have completed the online renewal/registration process as UCT Members.


Annual Requirements

  1. At the beginning of each year, when an invoice is needed for the UCT bursar’s office, UCT is to advise PCC of the required:
    1. Number of new Transferable Entrance Registrations (only if extra ones are required)
    2. Number of UCT Student rate annual subscriptions
    3. Number of extra/replacement Access Tags
    4. Number of Boat Rack rentals
  1. Here is an example of the table to be completed showing 2017 rates, with the question marks below to be replaced with the appropriate numbers:
37 x Balancing payments on existing Transferable Entrance Registrations @ R0 = R0
? x Transferable Entrance Registrations @ R250 = R?
x Access Tags @ R60 = R?
? x UCT Student rate annual subscriptions @ R320 = R?
1 x Bursary covering annual subscription R0
? x Rear Boat Rack Rentals @R150 R?
                                                                        Total    R?  


  1. Every existing Member needs to renew their membership each year for the new season on the Paddlers’ Zone.
  2. Anyone not a paid-up member on PCC’s current year’s membership list (which is accessible on our web site) on 1 April ceases to be a Member and has their Tags deactivated.
  3. Each new Member must complete an online membership application on the Paddlers’ Zone .
  4. It is important that each and every Member has read and agreed to the
  1. UCT is to provide a list of the Tags showing either a number allocated by UCT (e.g. from 1 upwards) or the name of the person currently associated with that Tag, and the new name to be associated with each Tag.
  2. All Tags not updated in this manner by 31 March will be deactivated.
  3. Later in the year, more members may wish to join, taking out half-year membership for the K2 season. For an invoice, UCT must advise PCC of the required:
    1. Number of new Transferable Entrance Registrations (only if extra ones are required)
    2. Number of UCT Student rate half-year rate subscriptions
    3. Number of extra Access Tags
    4. Number of Boat Rack rentals


Instructions for Membership Registrations and Renewals

  1. All membership matters are arranged online through a website called the Paddlers’ Zone:  http://www.peninsula-canoe.org.za/Pzone/ .
  2. When you go to this site, the Login page will display.
  3. If you do not have a log-in password, click on the word “here” in the line “Are you not registered yet? Click here.”
  4. Enter ALL the relevant details in the form displayed and click the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the page. Make sure your email address is valid!
  5. Your PCC Paddlers’ Zone temporary log-in password will then be e-mailed to you.
  6. Go back to the Paddlers’ Zone login page and log into the PCC Paddlers’ Zone by entering your temporary log-in password into the Login box and clicking Login.
  7. You should now see the Home page of the PCC Paddlers’ Zone with the phrase “<your first name>, welcome to the PCC Paddlers’ Zone” displayed.
  8. Click on the yellow “Membership and Merchandise” tab;
  9. Then click on the grey “Full Registration” tab;
  10. Read the Terms & Conditions;
  11. Click on the grey “I agree to the Terms & Conditions” tab;
  12. Then click on the “Proceed with Registration” tab below that;
  13. Choose how you may help the club then click “Next”;
  14. Check your details then click “Next”;
  15. Pick “New Member” or “Current Member” for your membership option;
  16. Select “No” in the section on joining WCCU as UCT administers their own WCCU registration, then click “Next”;
  17. Select “UCT Canoe Club Member” for membership type in the Fees section;
  18. UCT arranges a block rental of boat racks, so ignore the section on boat racks unless you are going to rent and pay for your own personal non-UCT boat racks, then indicate how many you wish to rent;
  19. If an Access Tag has been lost and a replacement is needed which you are going to personally pay for yourself, then order an Access Tag, then click “Next”;
  20. If you are paying privately for racks or Tags, pay the total amount as instructed and then send proof of payment.
  21. If you are paying privately for racks or Tags, pay the total amount as instructed into the PCC bank account, using your name as reference, with proof of payment addressed to reg@peninsula-canoe.org.za . PCC Account details are as follows:

Bank: Standard Bank

Account Name: Peninsula Canoe Club

Branch: 025109 (Claremont)

Account Number: 070491615