Club Indemnity.


Canoeing can be a potentially hazardous sport. It is thus important that members participating in PCC’s activities be aware and understand that they do so at their own risk. Also, while PCC will endeavour to ensure the safety of all who participate, it is the responsibility of everybody participating in the club’s activities to look to their own safety and best interests.


A valid PCC member is someone who has submitted a registration which has subsequently been validated by PCC. The member’s name and relevant details will be published on the PCC website. Registrations submitted to PCC will only be processed once proof of FULL payment has been received by PCC. Current Members who have not submitted their registration by the end of March will be deemed a Late Member and will be required to pay the PCC Entrance fee over and above the normal annual fees.


PCC members wishing to join WCCU will be forced to acknowledge that they have read and understood the WCCU Registration and Indemnity Form 2015. This document is available for download during the online registration process as well in FAQ’s on the PCC website. IMPORTANT: If  WCCU forms and proof of full payment are not received, PCC WILL NOT process the registration or forward the WCCU application to WCCU. Please note that there is a minimum of 10 DAYS between completion of PCC registration and completion of WCCU Registration. Strictly no payments are to be made directly to WCCU.