Club Registration opens again 1st Jan and we have tried to make it easier for you! We will be emailing you registration reminders throughout the season prompting you to Quick Register through a link in the email.  If you don’t wish to Quick Register, you can still choose the Customize Register as normal through the PCC Paddlers’ Zone. (if you have forgotten your password contact

Once again the Earlybird registration incentive is available. If you register between 1st Jan to 31st Jan, you will pay a significantly reduced membership fee!

If you are an existing member and have been a member of the club at any time since 2013, your details will be on the PCC Paddlers’ Zone. If you have forgotten your PCC Paddlers’ Zone login code, first try your ID number. If that does not work, then you need to email Siv at He will change it to your ID number and send you an e-mail confirmation.

Click Here to go to Paddler’s Zone

  • Click on the link for the Paddlers’ Zone login page and log into the PCC Paddlers’ Zone by entering your log-in password into the Login box and clicking “Login”. You should now see the Home page of the PCC Paddlers’ Zone with the phrase “<your first name>, welcome to the PCC Paddlers’ Zone” displayed.
  • Click on the yellow “Membership and Merchandise” tab (your cursor will only go live when it is directly over the words “Membership” or “Merchandise”);
  • Then click on the yellow “Full Registration” tab;
  • Read the Terms & Conditions;
  • Click on the yellow “I agree to the Terms & Conditions” tab;
  • Then click on the “Proceed with Registration” tab below that;
  • Choose how you may help the club then click “Next”;
  • This is where you can change your password to your choice in the very top line. Check your details then click “Next”;
  • If you are new, pick “New Member” for your membership option then click “Next”;
  • Select your membership type in the Fees section;
  • Select the number of back racks you would like to rent, then click “Next”;
  • Check the summary of the options you have chosen, the related costs and the grand total at the bottom, then click “Submit”

Please consult the Fees tab to assist you with the Membership and Fees choices and the prices.

Please deposit your complete payment into the PCC bank account, using YOUR NAME as reference, and send your payment confirmation by email to

PCC Account details are as follows:

Bank: Standard Bank – Account Name: Peninsula Canoe Club – Branch: 020009 – Account No: 070491615


The system will allocate you a rack randomly from the free ones available. Once you have paid your club fees in full, you will receive a confirmation e-mail and your name will appear on the Registered Members web page

If you want to then change the rack to any other available, you can also do that on the Paddlers’ Zone site:

Click on the yellow “Membership and Merchandise” tab;

Then click on the yellow “Racks and Tags” tab;

Then click on the yellow “Move existing rack” tab;

Then make your choice and click the yellow “Move” tab.

If you delay with your payment, the Registration officer may send you an e-mail confirming that PCC is still waiting for your payment. Your club registration status will then read: “Waiting for Proof of Payment”.

Important info regarding CSA license renewal and WCCU registration: This is no longer processed through Canoe Clubs and can only be done on the Canoeing South Africa website, so please ignore any reference to WCCU registration on the Paddlers’ Zone website.

By joining the Club you agree to abide by the following:

Please visit the websites below for more information about our spot: