CASF is an investment in the future of our talented young paddlers and the sport.

The aims of the CANOEING ATHLETE SUPPORT FUND shall be to:

  • Safely assist with the host of world class open ocean Surfski and Flatwater events, in order to raise awareness of and proceeds on behalf of CASF.
  • Develop the sport of canoeing by assisting recognised PCC junior/ young senior teams, to attend CSA selection criteria national competitions.
  • At the discretion of the Trustees, CASF will extend support to WCCU recognised junior development teams as part of CASF’s aims to develop the sport of canoeing in poorer communities.
  • Financially support Outreach days which encourage the participation of juniors in canoeing related activities.

The Canoeing Athlete Support Fund is an independent initiative, administered by a board of trustees.

CASF raises money through events and donations. 

For more information, please contact us on 073 274 6445. Donations to CASF are highly appreciated and no amount is too little, your contribution will not go unnoticed.

Canoeing Athlete Support Fund