Each year every existing Member, including all Additional Family Members, needs to renew their membership for the new season on a) the Paddlers’ Zone , or b) via the “Quick Register me now!” link on the automatically generated renewal reminder, acknowledging that they agree to the Terms and Conditions of membership and Code of Conduct. The “Quick Register me now!” links are only active until 31 January. You are solely liable for any actions arising from your failure to do so.

Simply depositing any payment into the PCC bank account without renewal on a) the Paddlers’ Zone, or b) via the “Quick Register me now!” link on the automatically generated renewal reminder, does not constitute active membership or secure previously rented racks.

The Membership year ends on 31 December.

* Family Membership is limited to a Family Principal Member and their spouse/life partner, plus their children aged 23 or younger, all residing at the same address. The spouse/life partner and children must each register individually as Additional Family Members, and renew again at the start of every membership year.

** Boat Racks are provided as a privilege for Members only (i.e. not for non-members or three month temporary members) and all rental periods expire at the end of December of the same year.

There is one set fee for Boat Racks regardless of when the rental period begins.

*** Beginner’s Introductory Package/3 Months’ Access Pass are temporary, non-member packages and holders of these are not true Members of the Club and are not entitled to Membership privileges which include voting rights, Earlybird discounts, boat rack rental etc.

Any member whose subscription still remains unpaid after 31 January shall cease to be a Member of the Club.

Half-year rate:
Club Membership Fee Type
From now until 31/12/22
Ordinary Member R1 135
Family Principal Member* R1 665
Additional Family Member (Spouse/life partner, or children aged 23 or younger) R0
Pensioner Member (aged 65 or older) R930
Student Member (aged 23 or younger) R720
Junior Member R720
Guppy Member R930
Second Guppy in the same family R820
Country Member (Must reside at least 35 km from Club) R890
Standard Boat Rack** (Only available to Members) R605
Wide Boat Rack** (Only available to Members) R685
Beginner’s Introductory Package/3 Months’ Access Pass*** R615
Surfski: affiliation only – no access to Club premises R100

Guppy Training/Coaching Sessions

Guppy Sessions are only available to Members i.e. Guppy Members or Family Members under the age of 12. R100 Per Lesson or R300 per Month
Please use the word “guppy” and your child’s name as a reference when making a payment for Guppy Sessions.

Bank: Standard Bank
Account Name: Peninsula Canoe Club
Branch: 020009
Account No: 070491615
Please send your payment confirmation for Guppy Sessions to andershart5605@gmail.com