First of all, your membership needs to be activated then the Clubhouse Manageress will load your cell number onto the access control system.

Then go onto the Google Play Store and download and install an app called G-REMOTE on to your phone. When your number is in the system, “Zandvlei Sports Club” will show up in the device list.

When you tap on this one, an “Entry” and “Exit” button will show on the screen.

Tapping on a button sends a signal to open the gate. Sometimes it doesn’t work first time because the system is updating but after a few more attempts the signal usually goes through.

We also use a Bluetooth system to open the gates:

Download the app Bluelock Web either from the App Store or Google Play Store

Ensure Bluetooth on your smartphone is turned on.

Karen, the Club Manageress will send your phone two messages with token codes, one for the entry gate and one for the exit gate. Enter these codes into the app, and a tab will appear on the app for each gate. Then anytime you need to open a gate, open the Bluelock Web app and touch the tab for the gate you wish to open when you are within 25m it.

These token codes are specific for each member’s phone number and for each gate.