Subject to availability, all PCC members are entitled to rent boat racks. (Temporary Access Pass holders may not rent boat-racks.)

The procedure for renting is via the Paddlers’ Zone website online registration process. This is administered by the Registration Officer, Siv Sivertsen (email address: )

The rental fee is only one rate and is regardless of when rental commences. All rental periods expire on the last day of February each year.

Members registering during our Earlybird registration period (usually up until 31 March) will be able to renew or cancel racks they rented the previous season. However once the Earlybird period is complete, members requiring racks will be automatically allocated the next available rack.

Only one boat is to be housed in any rack space.

The racks are identified by a number from 1-134 and a letter from A-D. The number relates to the position of the column and the letters relate to the row.  A is at the top and D at the bottom.

It is strongly recommended that you lock your boats in your correct rack space for additional security and so that no one else can move them or interfere with them in any way. You are responsible for ensuring that your boat is not placed in a rack which is not rented by you. If this happens it will be impounded.

It is recommended that all boats stored in the boat racks display the name of the owner and the appropriate rack number on the right hand side of the boat, directly in front of the rudder and above the water line, at all times. (If you have paid for a rack and your boat is then found in the wrong rack by another member, that member will be able to see where it belongs and may choose to simply return it to its correct place, rather than arranging to have it impounded. Similarly, if someone borrows your boat, that person can then make sure it is returned to the correct rack by checking the rack number written on the boat. If they misplace it, it will be impounded and you will have to pay the release fee.)

PCC reserves the right to impound any squatting boat i.e. any boat which is found in a rack not paid for by the boat owner, any boat left on the lawn, or any boat found stored anywhere else apart from a rack.

Should you find another boat squatting in your rack space, please remove it and place it on the lawn.  Should the boat be locked in your rack, contact the Registration Officer, Siv Sivertsen (email address: ) or the Boat Rack Facilitator, Gerfried Nebe at and they will remove the boat for you.

Impounded boats are subject to a release fee equivalent to the current annual normal boat rack rental rate.

Should the Club have retained an impounded boat, in the case of a lengthy lapse of membership there will be an additional release fee equivalent to the number of full years since the membership was active multiplied by the current annual normal boat rack rental rate.

To arrange release of an impounded boat, either show proof of payment made to PCC (Standard Bank, Branch: 020009 (Claremont); Account name: Peninsula Canoe Club; Account No: 070491615) for R500 to Karen the Club Manager (email address, or pay the release fee in cash directly to Karen. Karen will then release the boat. (Contact details for Karen are 0217884813 or 0825646840.) As a security measure, if she does not know you by name, she may ask for some form of  i.d. 

Impounded boats that are unclaimed or not released within 30 days may either be sold with all proceeds accruing to the Club, or otherwise disposed of.

If you donate your rack space to another member, please advise the Registration Officer by email.

No person may steal, borrow or in any manner tamper with or use another member’s boat or a Club Boat, or interfere in any way with impounded boats, without permission.  Contravention of this rule may lead to disciplinary action with a possible sanction of either referral to SAP for prosecution, a fine being imposed or membership suspended or terminated.

Club Boats are for use during supervised training only with a recognised PCC  coach or with the permission of a member of the Executive Committee. Additional guidelines for the use of Club Boats must be adhered to.

If you’re not sure of your allocated rack number, you can check it with your details on the Paddlers’ Zone or on the Boat Rack Diagram.

Boats are stored at your own risk and the Club is not liable for any damage or loss which may occur. It is recommended that if you are not going to be checking on your boats frequently that they are stored upside down so that there is no risk of gathering water and becoming damaged.

Access Terms and Conditions apply as per normal. This means you must ensure that the gate is closed after you when you leave the Boat Rack area. If someone else is still in the area, please check that they know that they must close the gate when they leave. The person who opened the gate is the one held accountable, so before you leave the Club, it is prudent to check that the gate was closed.

Should any of your contact details change throughout the course of the year, please correct them by notifying the Registration Officer and by logging on to the Paddlers’ Zone and updating your details there.  You are solely liable for any actions arising from your failure to do so.

Karen, the Club Manager, can be contacted at 021 788 4813 or 082 564 6840.