“Since we have achieved our freedom, there can only be one division amongst us: between those who cherish democracy and those who do not.”
– Nelson Mandela

Here are the current Fees.  These are applicable until the day before the next AGM, will be reviewed at the next AGM. The new fees are payable from the date of the AGM including for any membership applications submitted before the AGM but not paid for timeously.

Membership Type Annual Fee From 1 July
Ordinary/Individual 2090 1050
Family Principal 3660 1830
Additional Family 0 0
Pensioner 1570 780
Student/Junior (U18) 1050 520
Guppy (U12) 840 420
Visitor’s Fee per visit 50 50
New Member Joining Fee 300 300

These fees will be reviewed at the next AGM.

By applying for membership, all members agree to abide by the prevailing constitution, the decisions democratically voted in at AGMs and SGMs, the decisions made by the Executive, and to fully co-operate with the governance and administration of the Club in a positive and constructive manner.

Bank: Standard Bank
Account name: Zandvlei Sports Club
Branch code: Universal code 051001
Account number: 72095954

Please use the word “fees” and your name as a reference when making a payment and send your proof of payment to tracy@paddleexperience.co.za (Tracy Pomeroy-Ward, the Club Manageress)