These are the folk that are responsible for ensuring that your paddling season is a successful and enjoyable one. No, they can’t get you fit or magically find you talent you don’t have (but perhaps Pete Cole our Head Coach can!), however they do run your club and your input is invaluable to ensure they are making the right decisions for the best interests of everyone.  So, if you are able to assist them in any way, have any “light bulb moments” for new ideas or just wish to pass on some constructive criticism, THEY WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!


Chairman Estelle Jacobs
Vice Chairman Barry Penn
Secretary Siv Sivertsen
Treasurer Rob Gulle
Club Captain Anders Hart
COVID-19 Compliance Barry Penn & Siv Sivertsen

General Positions

Membership, Registration & Boat Rack Allocation Siv Sivertsen
Development Dwight Morkel
Estuary Management Liaison Graham Rowe
Safety Officer Ian Glass
Communications/Media Angie Austin
ZSC Committee Delegates Lis Hart, Anders Hart
Coaching Peter Cole