Please remember that each year every existing Member (including Additional Family Members) needs to renew their membership for the new season on the Paddlers’ Zone.

Important for Family Membership: Each and every family Member does also need to be registered separately following the steps 1-17 below.

Click Here to go to the Paddler’s Zone

  1. All membership matters are arranged online through a website called the Paddlers’ Zone: .
  2. When you go to this site, the Login page will display.
  3. If the family member has never used the Paddlers’ Zone and doesn’t already have a password to log in, you will need to enter their details into the Paddlers’ Zone database to get their own Zone Login ID. This is the password to be used when applying for/renewing membership. To get started please click  here.
  4. Enter ALL the relevant details in the form displayed and click the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the page. Make sure your email address is correct!
  5. Your PCC Paddlers’ Zone temporary log-in password (Zone Login ID) will then show up on the screen as with the message “We have processed your information and your Zone Login ID is XXXXXXX” . Highlight the password (Zone Login ID) and copy it.  (It will also be e-mailed to you, your password will be shown  in brackets in the subject line after the word “zoneid”. It is also shown after the words “Zone ID” in the body of the email, under the details you entered. It will look something like this:  Zone ID: fFJPEEmc .) (if these don’t happen, please email Siv at
  6. You can then either click on the yellow “Membership” tab shown on this screen, or go back to the Paddlers’ Zone login page, and log into the PCC Paddlers’ Zone by pasting your log-in password into the Login box and clicking “Login”.
  7. You should now see the Home page of the PCC Paddlers’ Zone with the phrase “<your first name>, welcome to the PCC Paddlers’ Zone” displayed.
  8. Click on the yellow “Membership” tab (your cursor will only go live when it is directly over the words “Membership”);
  9. Then click on the yellow “Full Registration” tab;
  10. Read the Terms & Conditions and Code of Conduct;
  11. Click on the yellow “I agree to the Terms & Conditions” tab;
  12. Then click on the “Proceed with Registration” tab below that;
  13. Choose how you may help the club then click “Next”;
  14. The “Your Personal Details” page is where you can change your password to your choice in the very top line. Family members cannot share the same password; each member must have a unique password as the system will  only recognise one member with this password. Check your details then click “Next”;
  15. Select either “Current Member – Late” or “Current Member – Earlybird” for your membership option then click “Next” (If you pick New Member here you will be charged an additional R300 joining fee for each additional family member) ;
  16. Click on the words “– Please choose from the drop-down menu”  to activate the drop-down menu and then select Additional Family Member in the Registration (Fees) section then click “Next”;
  17. Check the summary, then click “Submit”

You will then receive an email with the subject “Membership pending: Waiting for Proof of Payment” confirming your options chosen,  and that the total due is R0. (payment is covered by the Family Principal Member)

Please remember that each year every existing Member (including Additional Family Members) needs to renew their membership for the new season on the Paddlers’ Zone.

Once you the payment from the Family Principal Member has been received/checked, you will receive a confirmation e-mail.