First of all, your PCC membership needs to be fully paid up and activated.

The volunteers at your club will need to approve the applications for these CSA licences, so you should allow enough time in order for this process to take place, especially if you  are trying to enter a race.

CSA registration is done online at .

Social Membership is the minimum you should have. Social Membership allows the member to participate in any club time trials, local flat water races (excluding any provincial or national championship event) and Surfski inshore short course races only.

To compete in any other provincial and national race event, the member needs to be registered as a full CSA member e.g. get a Senior Licence which costs R1100 in 2021 .

An existing social member who wishes to convert to full CSA membership will forfeit the period remaining on their social licence. A social member wishing to change to a full member is kindly requested to please send an email to either or .

Social Membership costs R170 in 2021.

Senior membership is R1100.