To arrange release of an impounded boat, either show proof of payment made to PCC (Standard Bank, Branch: 020009 (Claremont); Account name: Peninsula Canoe Club; Account No: 070491615) for R605 to Karen the Club Manageress (email address, or pay the release fee in cash directly to Karen. Karen will then release the boat. (Contact details for Karen are 0217884813 or 0825646840.) As a security measure, if she does not know you by name, she may ask for some form of  i.d.

Impounded boats are subject to a release fee equivalent to the current annual standard boat rack rental rate.

Should the Club have retained an impounded boat, in the case of a lengthy lapse of membership there will be an additional release fee equivalent to the number of full years since the membership was active multiplied by the current annual normal boat rack rental rate.

Impounded boats that are unclaimed or not released within 30 days may either be sold with all proceeds accruing to the Club, or otherwise disposed of.

Bank: Standard Bank
Account Name: Peninsula Canoe Club
Branch: 020009
Account No: 070491615